Sukup grain storage bins at a farm

Full Circle Farm Services is a proud supplier of Sukup Grain Bins

Grain Storage & Handling

When Sukup began producing bins, we invested in the most technologically-advanced rollforming equipment, built to our exacting standards, putting us decades ahead of the competition. We have continued to add to that equipment as our bin line has grown. Our sidewall sheets start out as coils of flat American steel. Our machines form the corrugations, punch the bolt holes and create the curve in the sheets, all to our tight tolerances.

Every major component of a Sukup Grain Bin starts out as blank steel that our dedicated employees use to create a top-quality finished product that they, and you, can be proud of.

The Bottom Line: Top-of-the-Line Production Equipment. Sukup’s advanced roll-forming equipment and fixtures ensure close tolerances and high quality for the best fitting bin on the market.

Sukup grain storage bin next to a barn

The precision-engineered, 4” wide corrugated, G90 high-strength, galvanized steel sidewall sheets provide better vertical load carrying capacity.

Sukup grain storage bin at a farm

4” wide corrugations also create less resistance and friction to allow grain to flow more easily.

Four large Sukup grain storage bins

Sukup has streamlined bin erection by producing sidewall sheets with bolt holes that align properly, and also by pre-punching sheets for flashing, bolton base angle and Fastir stirring machine track (all optional and at no charge).

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